Mayan Riviera: the best choice for your film production

Main Tourist Place

For the fifth consecutive year the Mayan Riviera it has keep as the main touristic site in Mexico and Latin America, according to the tourism report of the CONCANACO[1], for its nature wonders of Quintana Roo, the turistic offer and the ecological work that is being implemented to mantain the endemic species of the area.

Besides, the demand to use this site as a film scenes, videoclips and realities with international projection it has increased. During 2015, 140 mexican films were produced, the highest figure in the history of the national cinema in which Quintana Roo represented 3.2% of these films, it means an average of 4 feature films a year, compared to 2012 that represented a film less, according to the Statistical Yearbook of Mexican Cinema of 2012 and 2015.[2]

This means that Quintana Roo is a place to explore and innovate scenaries in any type of filming. If you are unsure of your next location, check out the most important reasons to consider this place in your project.


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