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We have all the equipment necessary to shoot the most demanding of film and TV productions.

Check our catalog where you will find everything that we already have available.  If you require equipment that does not appear there, don’t worry, just ask and we will get you the best price.

Our equipment is in excellent condition.
If you want to have a look, just call us and we can show it to your DP, camera operator or gaffer to check the quality and condition.

Camera equipment

Either a complete camera kit or that equipment that is not authorized to fly. We have professional cameras available. Furthermore in Fonktown we are aware of the continuous updates and the huge diversity of equipment in the film world, that’s why we work in collaboration with the main equipment suppliers in the country. We will offer you any equipment you are looking for at the most competitive price in the market. There is no equipment we don’t have.

Light and grip

Grip and light is often one of the most in-demand departments when a foreign production company comes to Mexico. On one hand there is the light and grip equipment, heavy and huge devices that need to be rented at destination. That’s why we take great care of this department, offering the most innovative LED lights and the most resistant grip equipment. On the other hand we have our local gaffers, electricians and grips, that will handle everything with care and agility.


Drones have gained special mention in the world of service production. When a project is shot overseas it is usually because of the locations the director/producer/client is going to find there. One of the most attractive ways to highlight a stunning location is with a wide shot from the air. This service is increasingly in demand. Unfortunately the laws in Mexico are very strict in this aspect, for this reason we have in our team drone pilots with all the licenses required to fly in all of the legal locations.


English is the international language of production industry. We have a wide range of English speaking professionals with international experience. All of them are hard workers, always keeping that good attitude that makes the set a friendly and creative space. Camera, light and grip, PA and drivers, make-up, art department, home economics, precision drivers, animal wranglers, no matter what department you are looking for, call us, we have it.

What do you need for your production?

If you have not already downloaded our list of equipment, you can do it now.  Click on the button above to see what we have available.  Please contact us with any queries you have and we will answer you very soon