Fixers in Mexico

If you want to keep your production as smaller as possible we are happy to offer you fixer services.

Fonktown provides you fixer services for any media project – Photo shootings, commercials, broadcast, corporate content, music videos and documentaries all over Mexico.

We will be for a few days the eyes and ears of the team to facilitate interviews with sources, provide context, help you move around a city you don’t know or find information for your documentaries and films.
Fonktown has a wide network of local fixers, location managers, journalists and film crews, working all over Mexico.

The best
production planning

We will help you with the main duties of your film such location management, research, schedules, call sheets, preparation of the booklet, translation, reservations, vehicles, crew, prevention and support guide.

Our fixer will be responsible for helping the producer to contact with the right institutions, companies and people to carry out the project. So that every detail has the necessary importance and the time is optimized.

We will carry out translation work, but not only moving the language, but making the meanings clearer according to the context or country.

Do you want to know how we work?

You can write us. We work all over Mexico in the most stunning locations.