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We live in a world where an image is no longer worth a thousand words, now we need much more. Especially if we talk about advertising. This is where the Production Company gets involved.

The problem is that, in a world full of constant stimuli, videos of advertisements that inhabit our Social Networks and YouTubers doing their thing; making quality production is often difficult.

For this reason, we think that we can help you make the audiovisual production you have in mind. You want to know more? Keep reading!

¿What is Fonktown?

Fonktown is a Production Company, with offices in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. We are dedicated both to audiovisual production (pre-production and post-production), as well as rental of material for optimal filming.

We have been shooting all over the world for more than 10 years; such as advertisements, music videos, corporate videos, documentaries, cinema … We are in all the processes within audiovisual production.

We usually work with foreign production companies looking to make a production in Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica; looking for the best results for their production.

How can we help?

If you want to make an audiovisual production in Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica; we are specialists in making your filming taking care of absolutely everything. We will provide you with everything you need for your production to develop as you had planned.

Production Services

Obviously this is the star service of the company. We carry out audiovisual productions with the highest possible quality, both in terms of human resources and materials, so that the final result is as expected.

The local producer will analyze your production to help you with any incentives that may apply to your movie, television series, television shows or documentaries. This same local producer will be in production from the first steps of filming to the end of production, ensuring a perfect shoot.

production company

It is worth mentioning that in Fonktown we are fully committed to facilitating the greatest security in our filming, since we have had to live with the COVID-19 virus. So we have prepared a document so that our clients can verify our working method in this global pandemic.

The document is intended for filming in Spain, but we extrapolate the security measures and adapt them to the situation of each location where we carry out the production.

Equipment Rental

At Fonktown we work with the latest technology in film cameras as well as lighting and grippers. And we rent all our materials so that any foreign producer has all the materials for a perfect production.

production company

Do you need to rain blood, an albino tiger or Raphael?
We get it for you.

Camera, Light and Grip, PA and Controllers, Makeup, Art Department, Economists, Precision Controllers, Animal Rental, no matter what department you’re looking for, we’ve got it.


This is one of the best forts in Fonktown.

We explore the most incredible places for your project. It doesn’t matter if it is an advertisement, movie, TV series or documentary. And when we meet in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica; we have a large database with locations for any type of content that you want to show in your project.

We analyze the project in collaboration with you, obtaining every detail, doing a complete investigation of all your needs to find that secret and surprising place that you are looking for.


We will help you with the main tasks of your project, such as location management, research, schedules, call sheets, booklet preparation, translations, reservations, vehicles, and prevention and assistance guides.

Our fixer will be responsible for helping the producer to contact the appropriate institutions, companies and people to carry out the project. So that every detail has the necessary importance and time is optimized.

production company

We will carry out translation work, not only translating the language, but we will clarify the meanings according to the context or the country so that the communication is as clear as possible.

For a few days we will be the eyes and ears of the team to get interviews with the sources, provide contextual information, help you move around a city you that you don’t know or find information for your documentaries and films.

Fonktown has a vast network of local fixers, location managers, journalists, and film crews, so your project doesn’t lack for anything.

Directors and Cinematographers

We have recently incorporated a service for hiring Directors and Cinematographers for your projects. If you want to see how our directors work, you can take a look at their work and decide which director best suits the characteristics of your project.

Fonktown Production Company

We have a portfolio of Directors both in Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica. In any of these three locations you can count on the services of our Directors.


Nowadays it is a “must” to have drones for audiovisual productions, since one of the most attractive ways to show an impressive location is with a panoramic shot from the air.

production company

The laws on being able to fly with drones are very strict in most countries, for this reason we have a team of drone pilots with all the licenses and permits to be able to fly safely in any location and get the most out of it with the greatest safety and legally.

Filming permits and licenses

Our locator, local producer or fixer (if it is a modest production), will take charge of requesting all the corresponding permits to be able to shoot without any problem.

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In other words, if we have to record a car on a road and it has to be cut, we will talk to the appropriate administration to make it possible.

Our way of working

We are going to tell you about the process from the moment a client wants to contact us, until the moment we deliver the fully finished production.

It is a process that consists of several phases that we will explain below.

Phases of the creative process

  1. Contact.
    A client needs an audiovisual production in Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica. You get in touch by phone or from our website.
  2. Reply.
    We answer our clients, asking them what the project they have in mind is like. If possible, an appointment will be made in person or a Skype will be made to put the two parties in more direct contact.
  3. Casting.
    The casting will be carried out, corresponding to the requirements of the script, of actors and extras who are going to participate in the project.
  4. Scouting.
    The locator will provide the client with both the locations that we have in the database, and those that we need to investigate. A Fresh-Scout will be carried out to check the status of the current location.
  5. Tech-Scouting.
    The team composed of Director, Director of Photography, Producer, Gaffer and Art Director; they hold a meeting at the location to discuss the shooting plan.
  6. Fitting.
    The costume test will be carried out; the stylist will make the appropriate arrangements that the Director considers for the filming.
  7. Equipment check.
    It will be verified that the equipment, both the one that has traveled with the client and the rented one, is in perfect condition for filming.
  8. Filming.
    Once the previous phases are clear, the filming of the project in question will proceed.
  9. Material delivery.
    Once the corresponding post-production adjustments have been made, the material will be delivered to the client in different formats.

Your perfect production

In Spain, Mexico and Costa Rica


Now that you know how Fonktown works, remember that we are here to help you achieve the results and quality you expect for your project in Spain, Mexico or Costa Rica.