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It seems lately that everyone is talking about “media productions” but do we really know what the concept means?

Below we are going to shed some light on the concept of media productions.

Keep reading to discover what the term means, when is it used and why we should all be familiar with it.

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your perfect production # 

your perfect production # 

your perfect production # 

your perfect production # 

What are media productions?

Every person on a daily basis consumes information that is coming from different media and different dispositives. Sometimes we even use more than one dispositive at the same time, for example when we listen to a podcast whilst checking our social media in our phones, or when we are watching tv whilst looking for new recipes on our tablets.

Media productions is referred to any audiovisual production like cinema, theatre or music that is aimed to be reproduced on a screen or any other multimedia device.

It is obvious that we live surrounded by the media.

In Spanish the most common translation of the term “media” refers to the press and television.

media productions

And actually it is common that companies introduce the word “media” in their brand as a prefix or suffix to form their names. Two well known examples of this are the Spanish media group “ATRESMEDIA” and the German multinational stores “Mediamarkt”.

In this article when we refer to the media we are to be talking about any type of communication that is targeting a wide audience and whose objective may be to inform, to educate or to entertain.


Where does the concept multimedia come from?

Let us travel to the past to 1965.

An American sociologist called Ted Nelson starts thinking about a concept that he will later name hypertext and creates a computer-based data storage and data recovery system called Xanadu.

Nelson was able to conceive computers as media machines and envisioned this new generation of media that would overcome the limitations of the traditional written paper.

producciones de medios

We can look for the origins of multimedia on Arts and Education because those areas are constantly experimenting with information: we can all think about multimedia art exhibitions, entertainment material offered through various media or multimedia presentations for school lessons.

In all the cases diverse channels and ways of expression are implemented.

Tools for developing multimedia content

Below you can see the most common elements used in order to create any project involving multimedia content:

    • Video productions
    • Animations
    • Demos and interactive guides
    • Presentations
    • Interactive training
    • Simulations and technical visualisations

Simultaneously to the elements or tools named aboved, new file extensions have been created so the files can be reproduced in the variety of dispositives we find today. Some of them sound very familiar:


Media productions today

New media are constantly emerging and the ones we already know are endlessly evolving.

Take cinema theatres as an example ━online video streaming platforms have transformed our living rooms into the new place to watch movies.

And despite changing tendencies in the relationship between users and media and how they consume it, one thing is sure: media have a huge impact in our daily lives and the economic, political and social circumstances surrounding it.


For example, a massive demonstration can be organised in a few hours via social media.

An amateur video can become viral and trigger comments on a global level.

An attractive advertising campaign can transform brand sceptics into loyal clients.

We must be prepared to produce and manage multiplatform content that is adapted to contemporary audiences and tendencies.

Given all the above it is clear that professionals of the media and audiovisual production must understand how the media industries work, how they are evolving, what direction they are taking and their impact in the audience.

In general professional media producers are very creative people with interests in various areas of communication and media: they like to write, edit, produce, tell stories and interact with the audience.

They express themselves in a creative manner using both traditional media and new digital platforms.


The future of media productions

What is the future of media productions? Depending on who are you asking you can get a complete different answer:

Some say that the future is on the cloud, some others claim that it is mobile apps, a few would say that it is augmented reality, others virtual reality… In any case, it is clear that our future will be digital.

Let’s be honest, ads shift the world. Print advertising has been out there for ages and after lots of resources invested, it has been developing in accordance to the times and social demands.

The future of audiovisual media production could be seen as more dynamic and even more flexible as it is today.

It could become something that does not forget important print media traditions whilst liberating some of their burdens.

Let’s imagine that it is free. That storage is not a problem anymore and we have reached the maximum image quality that the human eye can perceive.

Maybe one day not so far away we will be able to wear some contact lenses that can record what we see at the same quality as our eyes perceive images and that we can automatically transfer those data to the cloud in real time.

It is certain that media production are only going on one direction and it is upwards.

The importance of the image. Why do you need the services of a production company.

We have already talked about the need of producing content for diverse media that every company and institution has.

Some companies decide to create their own internal Production or Communication Departments. Others prefer to hire an external production company or production services company.

Both options have their advantages.

It is a common to think that internal departments should produce the contents their own company is going to need: web design, photographs, content for social media and videos.

productor media

Those who think so defend that “they are running their show” and hence guaranteeing that the result is always going to match their brand image, that the tem will always work smoothly because they already know each other and, most importantly, it will be cheaper for the company.

However in our professional experience, the best results appear when companies hire external production services.

And we are not saying this because we are a production company.

If a company wants to stand out over their competitors, it must go for creativity.

Due to the nature of our job, audiovisual production companies need to be aware of the trends and fashions constantly. We must bet for diversity and innovation, we must take risks and know how to navigate the cutting edge tendencies of every sector.

production media

That is why we are able to advise our clients about the best strategies they should adopt to stand out.

On a technical level of course our team must also be on trend: we always work with the best experts.

On the other hand, sometimes clients are worried that their brand image will not be adequately understood by the external production company. This is just nonsense.

In fact our job consists of knowing how to grasp that essence. We pick up our clients’ ideas, interpret it and translate it into audiovisual language.

Each sector has their own particularities. And we production companies have it clear.

Depending on the business sector our clients move in and the objective audience the advertising campaign is targeting, we start modeling our production.

All these particularities make some production companies specialise in one kind of content: some production companies creates advertising campaigns only, others only make movies, others specialise in one product like for example fashion or sport events, others work only during the post production process and editing images…


While your internal Communication Department is concentrated in their relationship with the press and the audience, updating their social media channels, managing the internal communication, etc; there is external production services company out there that is specialised in your product or sector and will create cutting edge images and other content exclusively for your company and adapted to the platform or media channel you want to target.

So don’t be afraid to contact us.


In short, production companies facilitate that all that content generates.

Every company needs to communicate with their clients, they need to create valuable content and create professional videos for those clients and audiences to whom they are directing their message.

Production companies like us exist to facilitate that, to turn all that content real and as adequately, attractively and adapted as possible to:

        • The needs of the sector your company navigates.
        • The media channel in which the content is going to be published.